Conference Documents

Conference 2017- Report

CBAC 2017 Report

Speakers’ Presentations

Chairman’s Opening Address- Hadyn Marshall

Fostering Unity- Loris Heywood

Walking in the Spirit- David Corbin

Practising Stewardship- Neil Summerton

A Look In the Mirror-David Henry

Moving Forward Together- Clyde Edwards

Facilitators’ Handouts

Making Disciples through Creating Communities of Peace and Justice- Adrian Alexander

Developing Healthy Marriages- Gabriel Hyacinth

Leading God’s People Effectively- Neil Summerton

A Christian Approach to Disaster Management- Sylvan Catwell

Disaster Preparedness- Sylvan Catwell

Using Technology in Ministry- O’Neil Jeremy Clacken

Biblical Foundations for Human Sexuality I- Brendan and Pauline Bain

Developing the Music Ministry of the Church- Carlton Rhooms

Outreach and Evangelism in Today’s Caribbean- Ron Shearer

Biblical Foundations for Human Sexuality II- Brendan and Pauline Bain

Preparing Edifying Sermons- David Corbin

Ministering to the Bereaved- Ora Gordon

Mentoring Sister to Sister- Clari Gilbert

Reaching Youth- Joel Lopez

Reaching Children- Clyde Edwards

Ministering to the Economically Disadvantaged- Carl Scharschmidt

Identifying and Preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse- Rosalee Scharschmidt.

Understanding and Addressing Domestic Violence 1 Robin & Annette Osborne

Understanding and Addressing Domestic Violence 2- Robin & Annette Osborne


Devotion- Anthony Roberts


CBAC 2017 Participants List


CBAC 2017 Invitation Letter

CBAC 2017 Fact Sheet

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CBAC 2017 Workshop Schedule

CBAC 2017 Evaluation Form

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